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The story of Moses' sister, right out of the Bible.  Struck with leprosy and banished from the Israelite camp, this beloved prophetess, brought into the  21st century, needs to work a few things out.  Heart-rending, funny, thought-provoking, MIRIAM has been performed across the country to wide acclaim.

A member of the Holy Ground Consortium in St. Louis wrote:
"Miriam is a very inspiring and thought provoking program. It encourages hope in every heart and leaves the audience with the beautiful promise of redemption. Miriam introduces the audience to God as Love and the generous blessings that flow from this revelation. I am so glad your presentation here reached so many."

Women's Interfaith Institute, and board mmber Wendy Rabinewitz writes,
" . . . a four-star transformative experience.  Ms. Allison and Miriam dance through history and our lives and leave us with a breath of understanding and feeling that deeply touches our spiritual core.  Not to be missed."

Time Out magazines gave Miriam a 4-star review.

 "Takes the audience on a journey of Biblical proportions". . ."moving and enlightening". . read the entire review in Off Off

Read the full history of the play in this brief article in the Christian Science Sentinel.

MIRIAM is a 30-minute musical performance with minimal set-up.  It's a play about the issues of enslavement and freedom, anger and healing love,
a moving introduction to any forum on peace, women and spirituality, or biblical studies.  

Cost per performance: $500 plus transportation and lodging.  Includes all sound equipment and music, and time afterwards for discussion.
A 3-minute video promotional is available.  Please call for details: (917) 586-1877 or e-mail

                                                            Photos by Matthew Weinstein