"One of the most worthwhile and enjoyable experiences a child can have."
-- Linda Kramer, Kindergarten teacher, NYC

"Your presentation was absolutely wonderful.  You had us all in the palm of your hand.  It was an excellent learning experience for the children-to actually see and hear your stories (in books and personal history).  You do have a magic touch!"
-- Ms. Joanne Halton, Third Grade Teacher, NYC

Trained as a Montessori teacher, which opened her eyes to a humane and sympathetic understanding of children, Ms. Allison taught for six years in pre-schools in Chicago.  She was then the art, dance and drama teacher in a pre-K to eighth grade Montessori school, as well as the school storyteller.  Later she worked as a teacher with TADA!, a children's musical theater company in Manhattan, introducing the youngest classes to the joys of creating living stories, singing and dancing together.  Storytelling, and even some audience play-acting, are vital parts of her author/illustration programs, engaging and enthralling the students, before taking them into the crafts and questions.  She traveled throughout Massachusetts as a member of the state's artists-in-schools program, and throughout the country in the 90's as a member of the website `authors and illustrators who visit schools'.

Classroom visit and demonstration
Answers the questions:  
   Where do stories come from?  
   How do your find them?
   And how do you make a lasting book for the stories to live in?  

With the help of research photos, sketches, scribbles, original paintings and - especially-the stories behind the stories, the answers come to life.

For a class audience of up to sixty children.  45 minutes.
Up to 4 classes a day.

"Thank you for your outstanding presentation about writing and illustrating books.  You held the attention of all our third through sixth grade students as you explained how you got your story ideas and how you developed the illustrations. . . .You personalized authorship for our children and have motivated them to write their own stories.  Many thanks for the wonderful hours you spent with us."
-- Dr. Joan Weingarten, Grade School Principle, NYC

Diane gives a brief introduction to the difference between an illustrator and a fine artist and the difficulties shared with children when they must draw something they can't draw.

The uses of references materials to solve the problem

The joy of finding that your way of drawing, choosing colors, choosing backgrounds, your imagination and experience, is as wonderfully valuable as everyone else's, even though completely different.

Then she supplies a task and the reference materials to complete that task, taking children through it step-by-step, and then helps them place their unique drawing in their own imaginative world.

"Diane Allison has a wonderful sense of presence and the interaction with the children was just a natural flow.  She involved their imagination and creativity and excitement ensued throughout her presentation.  Ms. Allison's presentation would be a gift to any child, to any school, to anyone!!  Please come back soon!"
-- Sharon Gralitz, Kindergarten teacher, NYC

Many specific and well-tried illustration, story-writing and book-making projects developed by Diane Allison are shared with teachers, along with the techniques, explanations, and special materials.